Online Grant Application

Online Grant Application

Part 1: General Information

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Applicant’s Affiliation(s) with SK Schools (check all that apply):
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(BCI Background Check is required for all individuals working with students)

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Part 2: Project Summary

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Part 3: Project Description

Please attach a separate statement (no more than 2 pages) describing your project.

Your Project Description should describe the goals for your project and tell us how you intend to achieve
them. The description should specifically explain how you will deliver your project to South Kingstown
students, when your project will be begin, and how you will evaluate the success of your project. If collaboration with any other organizations (including consultants or contractors) is expected, please explain. Feel free to attach supporting materials (written, photos, web references), if helpful.

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Part 4: Project Criteria – Innovation, Community & School Improvement

SKEF grants are awarded annually to support creative and experiential educational projects or programs in the SK Schools. Special consideration is given to innovative projects that strengthen the relationship between our schools and the community at large and to projects that enrich and further the excellence of the educational process.

If applicable, please include a statement describing how your project supports innovation, connections to the SK community, or school improvement in SK.

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Part 5: Project Budget

Please attach a separate page containing a line-by-line budget for your project.

The total budget for project should equal the “SKEF Funding Requested” listed in Part II of this application. Please provide a budget using expense categories such as supplies, equipment, printing, telephone, postage, etc. SKEF encourages use of local businesses to fulfill the needs of your project. If additional funding is anticipated from any other sources, please explain amounts and sources of those funds. If any income is anticipated with your project, please explain.

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Part 6: Authorization, Certification, & Final Reporting

By signing this grant application, I certify that all information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. Additionally, I agree to allow SKEF to use all of the information presented in this application and in my final report for publicity purposes.

If this grant application is approved, I will (within 30 days of project completion, or no later than June 30, 2018) submit a final report to SKEF. The final report will include: (1) a full accounting of all actual income and expenditures for my project, including receipts for all expenditures, and (2) a Self Evaluation describing if and how my project goals were achieved.
Note: Any unused grant funds should be returned to SKEF with the final report. Final reports should be mailed to: South Kingstown Education Foundation, 307 Curtis Corner Road, Wakefield, RI 02879

All projects should include collaboration with SK School Administration (principal or superintendent) to ensure feasibility in our schools. Please check to indicate that you have reviewed your plans with SK Administration.

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